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It is OK to suffer from second liver mother milk feed

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Caption: It is OK to suffer from second liver mother milk feed
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Doctor: Hello! I show 30 weeks to already was pregnant, two half-and-half check second liver, antigen of the first surface and antigen of the 5th E are masculine gender, but liver function is normal, check HBV at the same time, DNA is 0. Excuse me: If position of a foetus is normal, whether can be I produced normally, still need Caesarean birth? Postpartum am I OK mother milk feed? Visit a return: My E, Mail:zYzy7509@sina.com, thank! Anxious but again careless permits motherAnswer an expert: ADmin:
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Week of the 28th pregnant after be pregnant removes globulin of immunity of high price of every 4 weeks of inject, till labor. New student when be born, inject instantly in globulin of immunity of high price yield a courtyard, two week hind inject again, vaccinal second liver is vaccinal when full moon. Such but will fetal suffer infection rate to fall to 5% the following. In addition pregnant later period notices to avoid to get hurt, make placenta of classics of second liver antigen enters fetal system in order to avoid placental loss inside. After be born, mom can be child lactation, the child need not hit immune globulin, but still need vaccine of inject second liver. To big the mom of 3 this world (two antigen and core antibody are electropositive) , virus of demonstrative second liver duplicates in great quantities inside mom body, the dangerous sex that the child affects is bigger, globulin of immunity of inject of the need after the child is unripe and second liver are vaccinal, mom had better not be nursed to the child, reduce a mother as far as possible child the intimate contact between, because besides galactic, sweat fluid, saliva is likewise OK infect second liver virus the child.