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About mother milk feed

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My baby is born 1 many months, belong to mother milk feed, condition is very good all the time, I discover the near future she always is the appearance with very difficult defecate discharges defecate 2-4 everyday second, what discharge normal also, but the child often very emphatic complexion is aglow, duration is very long, abdomen has bowel to cry sound, from time to time has cry be troubled by, till eduction hind can restore quiet, affected the child's Morpheus, child abdomen softness does not have tenderness, normal circumstance plays psychosis it may not be a bad idea, because of,knowing is He Yuan, is dyspeptic? Answer an expert: ADmin:
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Milk sugar is contained in breast more, major lactose is divided by the lactose in alvine path enzymatic, cent desorption closes; Acid is produced after fraction was not fermented by digestive lactose, produce gas, peristalsis of exciting bowel path increases, make defecate shows eduction of diarrhoea shape, bubble.