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Whether to hold to mother milk feed?

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Caption: Whether to hold to mother milk feed?
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My darling two months 0 days, the boy, mix up feed, the darling in confinement eats mother milk to eat 60 ~ again milk powder of 90 m l , because milk is not worth me more and more suffer from excessive internal heat, had the formula of the grandma a lot of times, but not quite get effective, gave confinement to use breast pump can epispastic 3 m l suckles 2 ~ [confinement can be epispastic 30 m l ] it is darling to eat powdered milk of 150 m l , still answer to should not continue to feed mother milk? The effect of give Western medicine stimulate the secretion of milk outside hearing the hospital of Beijing uses a country is especially distinct, consult? Western medicine name child? Answer an expert: ADmin:
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Since mother milk is insufficient, still did not urge, artificial feed. Because the mother breeds the effective nutrition component of feed should be 42 in enougher, after this and artificial feed do not have what distinction.