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Small 3 this world but mother milk feed

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Caption: Small 3 this world but mother milk feed
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My wife is the person that second liver virus is carried, examination eventuate is small 3 this world, second liver virus is not had duplicate, without infectivity, OK child of mother milk feed? Answer an expert: ADmin:
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Mom is the person that second liver is carried (common says bay fight masculine gender) the condition that should inspect antigen of liver of the second inside body, antibody above all. If there is second liver antigen only inside mom body, without antibody, after the child is born, should hit stitch first efficient immunity globulin, a vaccine injects in the meantime. After efficient immunity globulin enters the body, can produce protective effect instantly, make the child is avoided at infection. After child inject is vaccinal, need 3 months normally, ability produces corresponding antibody. After such processing, mom can give the child nurse. If the antibody antibody of second liver virus exists to pass placenta inside mom body, can produce the effect that protects the child, after be born, mom can be child lactation, the child need not hit immune globulin, but still need vaccine of inject second liver. To big the mom of 3 this world (two antigen and core antibody are electropositive) , virus of demonstrative second liver duplicates in great quantities inside mom body, the dangerous sex that the child affects is bigger, globulin of immunity of inject of the need after the child is unripe and second liver are vaccinal, mom had better not be nursed to the child, reduce a mother as far as possible child the intimate contact between, because besides galactic, sweat fluid, saliva is likewise OK infect second liver virus the child.