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Labor ensures ministry minister Tian Chengping to inspect obtain employment job

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Continous of a 27 recently inspects Tian Chengping of minister of ministry of national labor safeguard. Accompany in Tan Li of secretary of vice-governor Ke Zunping, municipal Party committee below, tian Chengping group is thorough new residential quarter of battalion of drive of continous in relief town the 2nd house appoint meeting, as kind as community cadre masses communicating, understand this town work and social security job to develop a case. After the technological process of social minister job that examining this community carefully, tian Chengping enquired community come off sentry duty is unemployed in detail number of personnel number, introductory obtain employment, stable profession is in in obtain employment personnel what take the concerned case such as scale. Community is resided appoint conference chairman Yi Deshun says, community already found the job for worker of hillock of 386 under one's name this year, the worker of come off sentry duty that has half above had relatively stable profession. Will to community policeman serve the window, policeman Wen Xue says enthusiasticly, policeman of drive battalion police station serves in time for common people, dredge dissolves contradiction, handle all sorts of issue, upheld community public order effectively. Tian Chengping says gladly, this kind of method is very good, policeman development community acts as for the dweller " Palladium " , the stability that promotes a society energetically. Walk into community happiness to hold old place in the palm, tian Chengping and old people helped the daily life of a family, enquire their life circumstance in detail, the affection of care is in overtones. He says, we need open up places of more socialization provide for the aged, transfer the power of whole society, do well for more old people service. In addition, we do well even obtain employment and again obtain employment works, establish framework of social insurance system, cover major town worker, labor safeguard works to be advanced solidly in community. Tian Chengping points out, labor ensures working job to close reform to develop overall situation, social security should enclothe community, should mix with obtain employment again obtain employment job attachs most importance to a dot, grab good work and social security job solidly deep. Be in aged the society is increasingly outstanding today, must bring a society into play each force is participated in come in be old service, make old people old be raised somewhat, old somewhat happy, the sunshine illuminate all things that lets social security truly arrives every corner of community.

According to introducing, in recent years, continous in relief city with expanding obtain employment is mixed promote again obtain employment attachs most importance to a dot, accelerate system of perfect social security, cogent safeguard laborer to close right increase, state-owned company off-duty workers and basic from retiree life got ensuring. 2005, annual is current leave retiree for one hundred and twenty-five thousand one hundred (contain a career) extend annuities 886 million yuan, increased 132 million yuan compared to the same period, on time sufficient forelock puts rate and socialization to extend rate continue to maintain 100% , whole town coachs help town increases obtain employment newly in all 35667 people, the town unemployment rate that register is 3.87% , under the 4.5% control target that municipal government raises, strong maintained social stability.