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10 thousand undergraduates go to Jiangxi recruit basic level

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Job of first 1000 graduate recruit is started this month

Since this year, I save graduate of 10 thousand colleges to will hurry off to rural basic level in succession, begin religion, support agriculture, cure and the job that help deficient up, 1000 first graduate recruit will be started this month. Came 2007 will annual 2009 each recruit 2000, 2010 again recruit 3000.

The agriculture that the college graduate of recruit basically is badly in need of with rural basic level, forestry, irrigation works, medicine, pasturage, normal school, economy kind professional is given priority to, whole arrangement is in selected undergraduate rustic middle and primary school, villages and towns is agrotechnical the impoverished village of country of key of the hospital of farming station place, villages and towns, development that help deficient up serves the experience such as promotion two years.

In volunteer service period, undergraduates can win subsidy of 800 yuan living liaison man every months each, the injury insurance outside uniting transactor body meaning and medical treatment of be in hospital are safe, calculate length of service. After the service expires, assess eligible, be willing to leave what serving unit obtain employment formerly, can close a branch to deal with in phase by branch of human affairs of prefectural class government receive procedures.

After the service expires, enter the market the undergraduate of own choose course of study, relevant section will recommend its obtain employment, can become a full member directly after obtain employment rate, decide first gear high to come second gear salary. Do poineering work independently, can enjoy small loan assures and the concerned policy such as pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange.

In addition, if enter oneself for an examination of officeholder of mechanism of villages and towns, 3 minutes can be added on the total achievement of written examination and interview, below coequal condition preferential admit; Enter oneself for an examination provincial of college graduate student, 10 minutes are added on written examination achievement, preferential below coequal condition admit. (Xie Zhizhong, close beautiful jade of bright of force, reporter)