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Pregnancy should breed for the mother feed makes some of preparation

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If be determined to want to use oneself galactic feed darling, so the preparation that begins to should be the mother in the future to breed feed has made each field from be pregnant.

One, notice pregnancy nutrition. Hidebound meeting causes the mother the development inside fetal palace is undesirable, still can affect postpartum and galactic exudation. Need enough nutrition in whole pregnancy and lactation, eat more contain rich protein, vitamin and mineral kind food, for postpartum secrete breastPrepare

2, tit, breast should notice after pregnant woman is pregnant maintain. Of mammary tit can affect postpartum lactation directly normally. In pregnant terminal the preparation that should make good tit, if massage tit of ovine leaf fat is used after clean breast, add tit flexibility; By the breast is massaged gently inside extroversion, so that dredge mammary gland is in charge of; Use broadband, cotton makes brassiere prop up a breast, can prevent mammary prolapse. Compressed tit, cave the pregnant woman of the tit, answer to fall in doctor guidance, use tit corrects a tool to undertake Jiao Zhi.

3, undertake antenatal is checked regularly, discover the problem is corrected in time, make sure gestation is healthy reach successful childbirth, it is mom postpartum can secrete enough and galactic fundamental premise.

4, the knowledge that understands feed of concerned mother milk, acquire family especially marital consensus and support, establish confidence, resolved, such mothers breed feed just succeeds easily.