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Pure mother breeds feed darling is short of Tie Xin easily

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Mother milk is considered as the nutrient origin with the most comprehensive baby all the time, but expert of children health care reminds, feed of pure mother milk is easy cause darling to be short of Tie Xin, suggest the darling of 4 months above adds some of fish mud, avoid nutrition not all.

According to head Li Mei of doctor of place children health care introduces, mother milk contains iron the amount is very small, milk of 100 grams mother contains iron quantity to have 0.5 milligram only commonly, and the zincic element darling in mother milk is absorbed not easily also, the microelement that is short of the most easily because of this baby is iron and zinc, be short of iron to be able to produce anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, be short of zinc to be able to cause infantile intelligence progress is slow.

To 4 months above, can add complementary the baby that feed, mom besides the breast that feed a mother, should eat the mud that nod a fish, yoke to the child everyday, compensatory Tie Xin, make nutrient collocation more balanced; Premature should begin filling iron at 2 lunar age, eat bit of fruit vegetables juice at the same time compensatory vitamin E, C. Mother have a dot to contain iron much food is better to darling, wait like blood of duck of yoke, liver, chicken, pork. The darling of 6 months above, breed bit of lean lean end still can be added outside feed except the mother, complement contains a lot ofthe animal sex albumen of iron. Below the condition that the condition allows, eating bit of recipe powdered milk that contains a lot ofiron zinc element also is possible.


Baby complementary feed add referenced table

0 - 3 months: Feed of pure mother milk, by want nurse; Artificial feed person feed cod-liver oil, in order to complement vitamin A, B, C, D and iron, calcic, phosphor;

4 - 5 months: Should complement mud of yoke, dish, fish mud; Rice paste, a baby food made of rice-flour, gruel with compensatory heat energy, exercise children to transfer from fluidity pap;

6 - 7 months: Feed mud of end of some of biscuit, egg, dish, fish to wait;

8 - 10 months: End of mud of bean curd, congee, liver, lean lean (also but make it small a round mass of food, small wonton) , fruit juice or broken dish leaf, fill enough quantity of heat, protein in order to fill kind etc;

11 - 12 months: Feed a variety of some of soft meal, biscuit, vegetable, let food diversification as far as possible, make sure nutrition is balanced;

Answer after 1 year old with dietary give priority to, the soft meal, fine dried noodles, food that take stuffing, dogmeat, ablactation stage by stage.

4 - daily proposal provision measures 6 months darling: The grandma measures 800 milliliter, corn (congee) 1/8-1/4-1/2-1 of 10-20-30 gram, egg, milliliter of 90-200 of fleshy 5-10-20 gram, vegetable 5-10-20 gram, fruit 5-10-20 gram, water.