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Can mother milk feed?

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Caption: Can mother milk feed?
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Expert hello: I suffer from second liver small 3 this world, darling Si has 15 extremely big, I am pregnant the 7.8.9th month when injected second liver is efficient immune globulin, can excuse me I have mother milk raise? Answer an expert: ADmin:
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This basically depends on oneself. . Come from medicine say, you already adopted preventive measure, and the antibody that precautionary other disease still contains in mother milk, have profit to the child, if pure bay fight masculine gender, do not have infectivity, can nurse, if maternal bay fights masculine gender, e antigen is electropositive also, had infectivity, although you not lactation, in the intimate contact with the child, virus can pass the feeder that pollutes the child, nipple, food, clothings, these mouths that can adopt the child enter little hand inside child body, the child after be born can accept second liver to vaccine injects and produce antibody, can prevent to affect, can nurse. If you think you have " small 3 this world " do not be willing to feed, OK also, but you had better not contact the child.