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About mother milk feed

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My baby already was born 83 days, basic it is mother milk feed, but my grandma always is secreted inhomogenous, sometimes much darling takes a side only full, another side 5, the darling after 6 hours just eats, and sometimes darling took two side insufficient still, be less than two hours hungry, excuse me expert, this is what reason, how should be I solved? Thank! Answer an expert: ADmin:
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The how much with the breast development of lactescence, breast nurses and closely related the puerpera's food. Suggest you have boiling water more kind food, be like piscine soup, chicken broth, galactic exudation can increase, after darling eats, want to suck empty breast, benefit at be being secreted galacticly again, the rest is galactic and OK reserve, stay do use when darling is not satiate, but those who notice the metamorphism with long time is galactic do not be darling.