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The problem of mother milk feed

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Caption: The problem of mother milk feed
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My darling 50 days. Do I want to ask to breed about the mother feed is to press had need to feed or fed on time? ? ? My home darling sometimes a many hour is fed occasionally 3-4 hour is fed. When darling slept at 11 o'clock in the evening everyday, he should eat bit of milk powder to just agree to sleep, (Knowing is nurturance be used to or feed always in the evening everyday, to when sleeping it doesn't matter was suckled) fed a grandma to be returned every time everyday a lot of, I can use boiled water to heat up in the evening next with squeezing him in bottle to put freezer eat to him, need not eat powdered milk so? ? ? How long can be the grandma in freezer put? ? Answer an expert: AIxinzaixian:
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Mother milk feed is to press want raise, yourself takes baby, but at any time feed feed darling, if need the mother lacteal adage freezer is refrigerated, should not exceed 24 hours